Transform Your Conservatory with a Glass Roof: Aesthetic and Functional Advantages

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Whether you are building a new conservatory or updating an existing glazed extension, we offer a range of glass roofs. Modern glass conservatory installations come are hugely popular thanks to their aesthetic and performance benefits.

Replacement roof installations are an affordable solution to homeowners suffering with underperforming conservatories. We can offer high quality and aesthetically pleasing glass conservatories for any era, style and size of home.

If you are unsure if your conservatory roof needs replacing, the team at Hertford Glass are happy to come and see your home. They will complete some initial assessments and confirm the status of your current installation.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Conservatories have a negative reputation for being too hot in summer yet too cold in winter. This is often due to out of date glass conservatory roofs, that stop your space performing to the required level.

Our modern glass roofs will deflect the heat of the sun, minimising that stuffy feeling that is associated with conservatories in summer. By adding spacer bars, chambered top caps and insulated perimeters, your conservatory won’t feel like a greenhouse.

In the winter months, your central heating won’t need to be cranked up as the space will better retain heat. Heat won’t escape through these roofs, helping you enjoy a consistently comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Flood A Space With Natural Light

Glass conservatories will flood your space with natural lighting, creating a bright and warming space. Natural light will improve the mood and give the space of being bigger. This is alongside panoramic views of your outside space and clear views of the night sky.

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Versatile Installation

We tailor our conservatory glass roofs to your space. No matter the shape and design of your space, we can adapt our roofing solutions. We work with modern and traditional homeowners, allowing them to get the best for their home improvement projects.

Glass roofs are highly versatile as they can also be combined with other materials, such as timber or aluminum, to create a unique and personalized look.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance Investment

We thoroughly test these glazed roofing installations to ensure they are a long lasting investment for your home. Our versatile glass conservatory roofs are lightweight yet incredibly robust. They will not become compromised by adverse weather conditions or frequent exposure to harsh conditions.

Once installed into your home, they will need very little time, money and energy to stay looking as good as the day installed into your home. Our glass roofs basically clean themselves, so you can spend more time on doing the things you love.

Sound Insulating

One of the key benefits of modern glass conservatory roofs is how they eliminate the sometimes annoying pitter patter of rain. Old polycarbonate roofing installations won’t offer sound insulation like our modern designs do.

Replacing your conservatory roof will help you create a welcoming and private space. This is an especially ideal investment if you live in a built area, by a busy road or struggle with noisy neighbours.

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Livinroof Replacement Roof

We offer the Livinroof, which is a hybrid conservatory roof that allows glazing of any shape to be inserted anywhere into its build. This allows you to choose where the light falls, allowing you to create a stunning focal point.

The internal plastered ceiling is vaulted to help create an addition sense of space. You can add speakers and spotlights, creating the perfect space for your home improvement project. These eye catching roofing systems will allow your conservatory to feel like a real living space.

Ultraroof Replacement Roof

We also offer our customers the Ultraroof, which combines tiling and glazing, which can be installed in a full-length format. Alternatively, add Velux windows into your roofing design to create an entire bespoke look.

Like the Livinroof, these roof conversions create a sense of space with their vaulted and internally plastered ceilings. You can add a decorative cornice for the outside, offering kerb appeal and enhancing the look of your home.

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Find out more about our stunning and high-performing range of glass conservatory roofs. Call our expert team directly on 01992 582 351 or send us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

To get a bespoke price on your new roofing installations, use our online design tool to get a bespoke price. Simply input your specifications and measurements to generate a no obligation price/

Whatever the scale of your home improvement project, Hertford Glass will have the products and expertise to help you. Get in touch and we will offer impartial advice and answer any queries you may have.

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