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Create Space: Extend Your Hertfordshire Home

If you are thinking of moving, rethink your plans. A house extension or conversion could be cheaper than accepting all the costs that come as part and parcel when you decide to relocate – for example, legal fees and increased mortgage payments.

Homeowners are frequently choosing a house extension or conversion for a range of reasons; relocation costs notwithstanding. All that new space can be used to create a new living room, lounge, kitchen or study – the choice is yours entirely.

Contact Hertford Glass to discover the benefits of a house extension or conversion for your Hetforshire, Epping home. We will be able to talk you through the design options available and provide guideline costs for your project. Get in touch by calling  01992 582 351 or emailing us.

Looking For House Extension Quotes?

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The Benefits of a New House Extension

If you’re looking for a reason to extend here are two:

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More Space

One of the reasons people move is that they have run out of room. A house extension can be used to fulfil a range of purposes that will address this common problem.

We’ll build your new room to suit your requirements. Whether you want a contemporary or modern design, we’ll help you fine-tune your design using our wide portfolio of products.

Market Appeal

Although you’re not moving just yet, you may decide to in the future. House extensions will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell.

The prospect of additional space will be the main attraction for vendors, who may be looking to upsize to a property with additional room to create a play area, bedroom or an open-plan kitchen.

How Much Does a Double Storey Extension Cost


New space that can be used a dining area, living room or bedroom
Improved market-appeal once your extension or conversion is fitted
Extension options for all types and ages of property
Tailored and creative solutions based on your project specification
Installations completed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption
Work completed by a recognised local company that prides itself on service

Extension Costs Per Square Metre

House Extensions Versus Building Regulations

If you’re converting a garage into a room or adding an extension to your home, current Building Regulations may apply. This will depend on whether your proposed room space uses connecting doors so that it’s separate from your home.

Herford Glass will be able to advise you further and, where needed, apply on your behalf to your local authority’s planning department. Find out more by speaking to an experienced member of our team.

Our Experience

We have over four decades experience of helping customers with their home improvements. Our commitment to providing incredible service is made evident by the industry accreditations we hold, and the competent persons schemes we belong to. Hertford Glass is part of the Which? Trusted Traders scheme and is registered with the GGF and FENSA.

House Extension Prices

Call us on 01992 582 351 for a house extension quote. We will be able to answer any questions you have, while also advising on any products that might be used as part of your room’s design.

You can generate free prices for almost all of our products by using our online design tool – and as many times as you like. Prefer a call back? No problem. Simply send us a message with details of your enquiry.

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