Does the Roofline in Your Hertfordshire Home Need Replacing?

If your roofline is failing, it might be time to replace your soffits, fascia and guttering. Alternatively, if only part of your roofline is in poor condition, you could replace the feature in question with a high-performing alternative.

By replacing or renovating your roofline, you’ll be able to improve the appearance of your home and increase its market appeal. From a practical point of view, you’ll prevent cold air and water from entering your roof space.

In addition to roofline products, Hertford Glass offers a range of ventilation options that can be easily combined with cladding and ancillary products to reward you with superb aesthetics and incredible long-term performance.

Keep your home warmer and improve its thermal efficiency by choosing your roofline products from Hertford Glass. Begin your enquiry by calling our friendly team on 01992 582 351 or send us an email to request a call back.

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Your Roofline FAQs Answered

If you’re not sure which part of your roofline needs replacing, please refer to our short guide below.

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What is a Soffit?

Your soffit can be found under the eaves of your property. It runs along the side of your home until it reaches the eaves, which it is designed to protect. Its purpose is to ensure sufficient throughput of air, so that moisture doesn’t develop. If your soffits look as if they starting to rot, at least part of your roofline will need replacing.

What is a Fascia?

A fascia board forms a right angle with the soffit that sits underneath it. It exists to protect the rafters in your roof, while also preserving the look of our roofline. Like a soffit, it works to stop damaging moisture from accumulating beneath the eaves – thereby limiting the possibility of condensation developing.

Guttering: Benefits

Although the guttering in your roofline needs no introduction, you may not realise what harm this feature can cause if it is underperforming. Guttering contributes toward the preservation of your roofline; it directs rainwater away from a property into a drainage system or toward the ground.

If your home does not have a gutter, or the system is rotting, it will cause your fascia and soffits to degrade and water will accumulate at floor level. In the long-term, this water could cause structural damage – for example the foundations of your home could settle, which would be expensive to resolve.

How Much Will it Cost To Replace My Guttering


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Improve or replace your roofline and improve your home's external sightlines
Prevent damage caused by condensation and cold air by fitting a new roofline
Our uPVC products are hard-wearing and won't rot or warp in response to weather

Reasons to Replace Your Roofline

A failing roofline won’t just lower the market appeal of your home, due to reduced aesthetic appeal. It will also cause a range of problems that, if left unattended, could be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Your roofline is one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, as it exposed to the environment and, therefore, bears the full brunt of the British weather. It is also a difficult area to monitor and gain access to.

If your roofline is not properly checked, your over-laden gutters could overflow and give rise to a range of problems in your home. For example, if water finds its way inside the rafters or joints in your roof, rot could set in.

Choose a uPVC Roofline

Timber has been used traditionally to construct roofline products. But it less favoured these days, because it can easily catch fire and attracts insects. It is also an absorbent material that’s prone to taking on water, which means it can lose its strength over time.

Contrastingly. uPVC is durable and won’t be prone to rotting or other structural problems. It will improve the external view of your roofline and is long-term and extremely cost-effective investment that will pay for itself over time. Contact us to find out more.

Roofline Prices, Hertford and Hertfordshire

Hertford Glass has been trading for more than four decades. We have extensive experience of helping customers improve their rooflines.

We are an accredited company that holds memberships with the GGF and FENSA. We are assessed by competent person schemes.

When you buy roofline products from us, you can be certain that they’ll be of the highest quality.

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