The Timeless Appeal of Timber Windows: Why They’re Worth Considering

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We use our years of experience to help customers upgrade their homes with our timeless timber windows. At Hertford Glass, we offer a broad array of timber products, each built by industry leading manufacturers to ensure outstanding quality.

We offer a diverse choice of styles, get in touch today and our team will be on hand to help you get the right installation for your home improvement project.

Timeless Aesthetics

Timber windows are an ensuring feature of homes around your local area, and for good reason. They offer a timeless appeal, which means they won’t go out of date and will maintain their kerb appeal. Their rich textures and patterns make them a fantastic investment for all types of projects.

Enjoy the traditional look and feel of timbers windows which are customised to your preferences, architecture and existing double glazing. We offer a diverse range of colours and woodgrain foils alongside accessories and hardware.

 Enjoy the traditional woodgrain feel and texture of a genuine wooden window in your home. We make it easy to choose a door installation that meets your specifications and fits within your budget,

Long Lasting Installation

Our timber windows are crafted with longevity in mind. With minimal maintenance required, our window profiles will deliver on looks and performance for thirty years or even more!

Our entire range of timber windows is supported by a fantastic manufacturer’s warranty. You can feel confident you are investing in the very best for your home. Invest in your home with our durable windows.

Thermally Efficient and Eco Friendly

Timber is an inherently excellent insulator. Installing timber windows can help you maintain a consistently comfortable space, no matter the weather outside. Our windows offer low U-values, helping improve the thermal performance of your space.

A home that better retains heat, will stay warmer in the winter months without relying on your central heating. The less you rely on your central heating, the less you will likely spend on your annual energy bills.

If you are concerned about the eco friendliness of your home, these timber windows are an ideal installation. These timber installations are highly insulating, helping your home produce fewer emissions and will have less of an impact on the environment.

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Secure Design

We know security is a priority to our customers, which is why our timber windows are built to withstand hard impacts. These sturdy designs will protect your loved ones and eliminate any weak points of entry which could be exploited.

All our timber windows are fitted with modern technology including state of the art locking systems, hinges and other hardware as standard. These windows don’t just meet industry security recommendations, they surpass them.

Weatherproof Installation

Timber windows have a bad reputation for not being able to handle extreme weather conditions. Our modern designs are fitted with advanced technology to ensure you are investing in a hard wearing profile. Our wooden windows won’t rot or expand when exposed to constant adverse elements.

Add Value To Your Home

If you live in a period property or heritage home, these timeless timber windows will seamlessly blend into your existing architecture. Enhance the natural charm of your home or add heritage elegance to a building with our timber installations.

Timber windows have a timeless appeal and can enhance the aesthetics of any home. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any property in your local area. Home buyers who are interested in older buildings prefer it to maintain its features, including the windows and doors.

The Timber Window Styles We Offer

We offer a stunning range of wooden windows for you to choose from. No matter the age, era and size of your home, we will have the right installation for you.

Casement Windows. This is the most popular choice for homeowners because it is the most versatile. These designs hinge at the side and open outward to the left or right. They can be adapted to any home and can fit any homeowner’s requirements.

Sliding Sash Windows. These classic looking timber windows deliver heritage looks with a 21st century performance. The sash is generally operated vertically, but we offer some designs which allow the window to open inward.

Get A Price

Use our free online quoting engine to generate a timber window price tailored to your home improvement project. Simply input your details and specifications to enjoy a no obligation price.

You can call us on 01992 582 351 or send an email via our website and we will be happy to help. Whether you have a question, want impartial advice or to talk prices, we can help.

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