Timber Windows vs. uPVC: Comparing Materials and Making the Right Choice

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No matter the size of your home improvement project or the requirements, our team will be on hand to offer premium quality uPVC and timher windows. We cover a broad geographical area and our double glazed windows have been carefully sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure quality.

You may not think there is a lot of difference when it comes to the material of your windows, but it’s hugely important to the overall look and performance of your home. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new window installation.

In general, if you’re investing in brand new windows, both uPVC and timber profiles will give excellent energy efficiency, security and weatherproofing. They are both fantastic replacements for outdated and underperforming designs.

Timber vs uPVC Windows — What’s the Difference in Looks?

We know the look of your home is almost as important as the performance. A good looking window will create a positive first impression and improve kerb appeal.

Timber windows are traditionally associated with older builds and heritage homes, but they can be adapted to modern windows. We offer a range of styles and shapes for you to choose from including casement windows and sliding sash windows.

uPVC windows are more modern because they have a smooth plastic finish. If you are replacing period style framework or want a window which seamlessly blends into your existing architecture, we offer woodgrain finishes. This means your uPVC windows will look like authentic timber but with the contemporary benefits of uPVC.

Our uPVC windows are available in casement windows, French casement windows, bow & bay windows, sliding sash windows and bow & bay windows. All of these designs can be customised with hardware, finishes, colours and accessories.

Energy Efficient Benefits of Timber and uPVC Windows

We know, with the cost of living on the rise, creating a thermally efficient home is a priority. Whilst uPVC windows are associated with energy efficiency, timber is actually a naturally insulating material.

uPVC windows are fabricated with multiple chambers within the frame to minimise heat transfer. Because your uPVC and timber windows will produce a lower U-value, your running costs are likely to reduce, and your carbon footprint will shrink. Create a cost efficient and carbon neutral space.

Both our uPVC and our timber windows are double glazed as standard. This will improve the thermal insulation of your home, regardless of the frame material.

Which Is More Low Maintenance, uPVC or Timber Windows?

Our timber and uPVC windows are both low maintenance installations for your home improvement project. They will need minimal time, energy and money to stay in great condition for many years to come.

Is there a difference between them in terms of good upkeep practice? Yes, slightly. Because uPVC is a smooth material, it can be wiped down quickly but timber is a little more complicated. Timber windows will need sanding and repainting when they lose their looks.

Timber needs a little more care, but they are much easier to repair should something go wrong. The likelihood of a repair rather than a replacement is far higher with wooden profiles.

Which Window Is More Cost Efficient, Timber or uPVC?

For many of our customers, it comes down to cost. Which window presents the best value for money? It depends on what best suits your requirements and preferences.

In general, and depending on quality, uPVC is less expensive than wood. uPVC windows are lower cost and are easier to maintain. They are often considered the best value for money installation.

If you have a period property or a home in a conservation area, replacing timber windows with uPVC windows can lower the market value of your property significantly. Whilst timber windows may cost more to install, they can add value to a property.

Wood may last far longer than many other frames with proper maintenance. This may make them a long term investment for your property.

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If you want more information about our uPVC windows and our timber windows, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to talk you through our options and help you make the right decision for your requirements.

You can trust our team with your home. We are a member of FENSA and the GGF and we belong to the Which? Trusted Traders scheme.  

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