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Aluminium windows offer incredible strength while using a low frame-to-glass ratio. Enjoy better views of the outside when you choose from our Origin aluminium windows portfolio and experience a range of other welcome benefits – like better thermal efficiency and security.

We only work with the best manufacturers. Our aluminium windows are manufactured by Origin, who are experts in creating aluminium windows that are thermally efficient, customisable, secure and incredibly easy to maintain. Your new installation will include a warranty as standard for your further peace of mind.

Each product in our Origin range can be supplied and fitted to suit the design requirements of most projects. We can offer you a range of styles, including OW-80 Premium, OW-70 Slimline, Casement, Fixed Frame, Bay, Gable, French and Bi-fold windows. Each of these can be tailored to suit contemporary or modern tastes. Find out more by calling 01992 582 351 or emailing us.

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Choosing the Right Aluminium Windows for Your Home in Hertford

Although the specifications of each Origin aluminium window we install vary, you will be able to depend on strong performance and a core set of benefits that will set your installation apart from almost any other.

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Security You Can Rely On

Aluminium is stronger than other materials, such as uPVC or wood. It is not prone to corrosion or warping either. Difficult environmental conditions or impacts caused by people will be less likely to harm the structure of your installation. Weatherproof and damage proof, your new origin aluminium windows will provide long-term protection.

Outstanding Thermal Retention

Aluminium is not a natural insulator. The inclusion of a polyamide thermal break in our windows reverses this problem. Our window range expertly retains heat, resulting in much-improved U-values that deliver warmer environments. Once fitted in your home, our aluminium windows will contribute toward lower heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

An Experienced Local Installer

Hertford Glass has experience installing Origin’s aluminium windows throughout the Hertfordshire area. We work closely with our customers from the beginning so that we can quickly identify their design needs and locate the right product.

The Hertford Glass team will help you choose the right colour scheme, foils, glazing and hardware for your new installation – and assist with the finer but equally important details, too, like selecting the best window furniture.

We’re dedicated to providing aluminium windows of the best quality and supporting this high standard with superb customer service. That’s why we’re members of the GGF and FENSA and belong to the Which? Trusted Trader’s scheme. We’re also an accredited partner of Origin.

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A choice of colours, foils, hardware and accessories to complete your installation
A range of market-leading products manufactured by accredited manufacturers
Enjoy improved security and superior levels of thermal performance with your windows
Extruded aluminium profiles that will have been built to your precise specification
Our aluminium windows minimise environmental impact by lowering carbon emissions
Enjoy better views and feel more connected to your home throughout the year

Origin Aluminium Windows

OW-80 Premium

The OW-80 Preminium origin windows is a casement system encompassing fixed and sashed casement configurations, bays, gables and French windows. Manufactured within the UK, the Origin OW-80 Premium are available in 150 RAL colour options. They are the only window on the market that offers Aerogel technology, which allows the OW-80 Premium to achieve the highest energy rating score on the market, A++. Due to the aluminium frames, which weigh 67% less than steel, the window frames aren’t prone to warping in different weather conditions. Maintenance is also made easy with these windows. To keep them clean, all that will be required is a warm soapy cloth. Able to fit almost any size and configuration, these windows make an excellent choice for any Hertfordshire home.Aluminium origin windows

OW-70 Slimline

The OW-70 slimline window is Origin’s slimmest window on the market. It combines aluminium’s natural strength to create a design that offers a sleek and stylish aluminium window. The OW-70 sightlines measure just 65mm wide, allowing for better views and more light into a property. Origin’s OW-70 isn’t available as an internal flush casement window but can still offer all the other benefits that the OW-80 model does. They are manufactured using premium aluminium, which makes the OW-70 slimline windows durable and long-lasting. Available as casement or fixed windows, the OW-70 slimline windows are ideal for any space where maximising views and light is essential to the property. Being manufactured using aluminium ensures that the windows are strong and long-lasting. Additionally, once they eventually reach the end of their use, the windows can be easily recycled.


Casement Windows

Origin’s casement windows are available in both the OW-70 and OW-80 Premium ranges. The casement windows can make a great improvement to any home. Their versatile design offers the advantage of offering a traditional design with all the advantages of modern technology. Enhance the security of a property with our OW-70 and OW-80 casement windows that are styled for you and meet all PAS-24 requirements. Available with left, right or top openers, the Origin’s casement windows we offer can be easily tailored to match the needs of your Hertfordshire home. For additional style, the windows can also be manufactured to feature Georgian bars that offer a beautiful combination of classic and contemporary. With 150 RAL colours available on the windows frames and handles, it’s easy to ensure that the casement windows meet your home’s current appearance.

Fixed Frame Windows

Add fixed frame windows by Origin to give your home improved views and allow for more natural light. The fixed frame windows can make a room feel more spacious thanks to their fantastic sightlines. Also known as the picture window, fixed frame windows offer a range of benefits, including improved views, increased security, low maintenance and advanced energy efficiency. A huge advantage to Origin’s windows is their easy customisation. You can specify the size, system and colour option (one or dual), which helps to ensure the fixed frame windows perfectly match your home’s uniqueness. Fixed frame windows are available in a minimum size of 0.06 sqm while the maximum is 7 sqm. As the name suggests, fixed frame windows don’t include an opening element, which is why Origin can manufacture them with such slim sightlines. Transform your home’s views with these stunning fixed frame windows by Origin.

Bay Windows

Available in a range of configuration styles to suit the shape of your property, Origin’s bay windows offer a superb addition to any home. These windows make it easy to add an extra layer of dimension to a room. You can get a quote for these bay windows using either the OW-70 or OW-80 design. The main difference between the OW-70 and OW-80 bay windows styles is their sightlines. The OW-70 boast a slightly slimmer frame, which allows for more glass, giving a property improved views and a lighter atmosphere. However, the OW-80 can also feature a flush casement style to the bay windows both outside and internally. When you choose our Origin bay windows for your home, you’ll be able to pick the system, overall size, configuration, number of windows, colours, and handles you’d like the bay windows to have. Upgrade your home’s dimensions and style with these bay windows.

Gable Windows. Give a property a new look with Origin’s stunning gable windows. Their striking designs can enhance the appearance and functionality of any home they are installed into. Gable windows by Origin can be fitted into a number of different roof pitches. As with all the other windows from our Origin range, gable windows are available with a 20-year manufacturer guarantee. Enrich a property by choosing an exceptional gable window configuration. You could select the gable windows as a triangle that can offer a striking new look when sitting above your sliding or bifold doors. Alternatively, you could choose to have the gable windows installed as a triangle with upstands, a trapezoid or a trapezoid with upstands. Trapezoids are ideal for a home that feature a flat roof. Create a striking new feature for your property by having our team of experts install gable windows.

Origin french window French Windows

Create a European look for your property with Origin’s classic French windows. French windows can give your home an effortless elegance that lasts for years. Supported by Origin’s OW-80 system, the French windows include a moving mullion. This mullion is what allows the French windows to open both to the right and left with no profile. Gain an uninterrupted view from your home with Origin’s French windows that require no hooks or catches. As with their other window products, the Origin French windows are available in a range of various configurations, colours, accessories and sizes. They are tailored to meet the appearance of your home. It’s easy to add a touch of personalisation to the French windows that can be manufactured with Georgian or critall-style bars, which can offer a home a more traditional appearance.

Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold windows by Origin are also known as servery windows. These bi-fold windows offer a similar structure as bi-fold doors. They open and close like a concertina and are typically used in homes to open them up and make a space more open for social events. By installing bi-fold windows, a home can benefit from slim sightlines, large openings and improved functionality. The individual sashes can be made in any size between 400mm to 1200mm wide. You could choose to have the windows open either inward or outward. Additionally, you’ll be able to decide if you’d prefer the windows to open to the left or right of your home. To ensure fingers are kept safe, Origin’s bi-fold windows feature special finger-safe gaskets, which are used to help protect fingers from getting trapped. Gain uninterrupted views and make your home more accessible for entertaining guests by investing in our bi-fold windows by Origin range.

Origin Aluminium Windows Prices in Hertfordshire

To discuss the features and benefits of our Origin aluminium windows range in more detail, call our friendly team directly on 01992 582 351. You can also send us an enquiry via our website, in which case we’ll respond to your enquiry urgently.

Getting an online aluminium windows quote is easy when you choose Hertford Glass as your installer in Hertford, Epping and throughout the surrounding areas.. You can build your desired product using our online design tool and get guideline products within a few minutes.

Our double glazing can be combined with doors made from the same material and installed as part of a conservatory or orangery design. Ask about our complete range of products when calling, so that we can help.

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