Secondary Glazing for Homes Throughout the Hertfordshire Area

Installing double or triple glazing is normally possible. But what are your options if it isn’t? Homeowners who find themselves in this situation don’t always realise that secondary glazing is a viable option.

If you live in a heritage home, conservation area or even a listed building, getting double glazing is incredibly difficult to do. This is because you are often restricted to the glazing that already exists in the structure.

Secondary glazing is affordable, offers the same range of benefits as conventional glass, and is easy to install. This is a discreet internal window that helps to boost your property’s thermal performance and security performance. Not only this, but you can benefit from a quieter home. Hertford Glass has extensive experience of installing secondary & double glazing for its customers in Stevenage and surrounding areas. Contact us today.

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Reasons to Choose Secondary Glazing

Install secondary glazing to experience the following range of benefits.

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Thermal Efficiency

Staying warm is easy when you choose secondary glazing. With listed or heritage buildings, windows are often the weakest part of the building – as they let in cold draughts that can lead to problems like condensation. This can often lead to worse problems, such as mould growth.

Affixing secondary glazing to your single-paned windows to lock the heat inside and make your home thermally efficient. Your installation will produce a lower U-value and could well drive down your energy costs. Better yet, because of this, you could see a reduction in your carbon footprint too.

Improving thermal performance can also help to increase your property’s market value if you’re looking to sell your home. Potential buyers are often drawn to homes that perform well alongside looking good.

A Quieter Home

Single-paned glazing is not effective at blocking out external noise. Secondary glazing provides a remedy to this problem. If you live near an intersection, or your home faces on to a road, it’s a particularly attractive solution.

Enjoy a home in Hertford and the surrounding areas that is much more peaceful. It is important that we all have a place that we can relax and unwind in. Secondary double glazing can reduce noise levels up to a whopping 80%. Get in touch today to find out more information.

Easy to Remove

Your secondary glazing is fully reversible. It can easily be removed if you want to access the inner mechanisms of your windows. This is for cleaning purposes or ventilating your home on a particularly hot summer’s day.

This makes it one of the most unique and ideal installations that you can opt for. Easy to use and easy to remove to ensure you can stay in full control of your property. Reach out to us today to find out more.

Secondary Glazing Installers Hertfordshire


Easy and quick to install; just as simple to remove
Offer the same benefits as standard double glazing
Will blend in without disrupting the look of your home
An ideal solution for heritage properties or high-rises
Thermally efficient, secure and long lasting investment
Creates a quieter environment; ideal in busy areas

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When is Secondary Glazing Needed?

If you live in a listed building, or your home is in a heritage or conservation site, you will probably want to install secondary glazing. High-rise flats often require this fitted too, because installing conventional units in buildings like these isn’t practical.

Because secondary double glazing is fitted internally, it prevents the aesthetics of a listed or heritage building from being disrupted. You won’t need to worry about harming the visual appearance of your property when you choose this option.

Do Planning Permission Rules and Building Regulations Apply?

Specific rules exist to protect listed buildings and those located within heritage sites. Although you can seek out like for like replacements, there’s no guarantee your application will be accepted – in which case you’ll need to start again.

Secondary glazing is internal and, therefore, hidden. It is also extremely easy to remove without damaging the installation it is appended to. For this reason, it is normally seen as a permissible development. However, we always recommend double-checking with your local planning permissions just to ensure that it is definitely allowed to do.

Secondary Glazing Prices, Hertford and Hertfordshire

Contact Hertford Glass for further information about its secondary glazing. We can tell you more about the installation process and discuss guideline prices with you.

If you need help with secondary glazing and more, please ask about the other products we offer, which includes timber doors, conservatories and roofline.

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