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Traditional and Modern Conservatories For Your Home in Welwyn Garden City

Extensions can often be an expensive and time consuming affair, but if you are looking to get some additional space on your property without all of that hassle, then our Ultraframe conservatories may be just what you are looking for. These bespoke conservatories that we offer will save you money on heating, increase the size of your property and even add to its market value and appeal should you ever wish to sell.

We here at Hertford Glass chose Ultraframe for the manufacturing of our conservatories because of their high quality and efficient products, the extent of their available range of products and the numerous personalization and customization options that they offer. We can help you piece together a conservatory design that is perfect for your home and your personal taste, with high performance and outstanding aesthetica appeal. Take our Virtual Reality Tour today to get the best idea about what kind of conservatory is best for you.

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Finding The Right Conservatories For Your Property with Ultraframe

By using Hertford Glass to plan out your dream conservatory installation, you will be given plenty of freely available options when it comes to what kind of conservatory types that you can get. Here are three of the most popular, market-leading choices that we can offer you:

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Discover Our High-Performance Conservatories


Our Performance Conservatory design offers a light and airy space, with full-height glazed windows allowing you an unobstructed view of your garden or outdoor space, giving the room it creates a roomy and bright feel. On the outside, our thermally efficient columns in the frames, as well as the expert double glazing, will help retain heat within your property, reducing both your heating bills and carbon footprint and allowing you to enjoy your extension all year round.

On the inside, you can have these additional insulated columns internally plastered, as well as having insulated pelmets fitted that both increase thermal efficiency and can be used to place lights and speakers. Your conservatory will end up feeling like a natural continuation of your property, increasing its aesthetic and overall desirability.

Delight In Our Designer Conservatories


If you are looking for a more contemporary look for your property, look no further than our stunning Designer Conservatories. This design provides you with a picture-window style on top of a dwarf-wall, that brings in light whilst also ensuring that the insulation provided can mean your conservatory isn’t just set aside for summer and can in fact be used at any time.

Like our Performance Conservatories, designer conservatories can come with super-insulated columns that retain and trap the heat inside your conservatory and prevents it from being lost through the glass or uPVC frame. The dwarf wall can be insulated itself, as well as feely painted, decorated and can have plumbing, electrics and underfloor heating installed to maximize your comfort. Get more information by calling or emailing our team to arrange an appointment.

Presenting Our Ultraframe Classic Conservatories

If you would rather have a more traditional style of conservatory for your property, we also provide a zero-faff natural and classic affair that is understated and helps bring out the best features from your property. With a dwarf wall adding to its traditional style, your property in Welwyn Garden City can be of any kind to suit this style; with thermally efficient columns adding some modern engineering to contrast with the classic style.

These columns are provided by Ultraframe and can improve your home’s thermal performance by five times, especially when compared with a brick pier of the same size). The internal pelmets that come as standard also prevent convection currents from loosing heat through the glass, being able to have lights and speakers fitted and adds to the conservatories ‘real room’ feel.

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Small Conservatories Welwyn Garden City


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Hide your guttering and improve your homes’ outward appearance with our decorative cornices
Bring modern style to traditional conservatories by choosing additional high-performance columns
Use your conservatory all year round with our performance glass helping keep the temperature under control
Freely customize your conservatory design to make a sophisticated and fashionable design
Ask us about what the best hardware, foils and colours would work best for your project in Welwyn Garden City.
Ultraframe conservatories are durable and hardy, lasting for years with minimal upkeep and adding value to your home.

Modern conservatory ideas Welwyn Garden City

Choose Hertford Glass For Your Conservatory Installation In Welwyn Garden City

We have years of experience in the double glazing installation business, and bring an in-depth knowledge of all of the Ultraframe conservatory products that we offer, making sure that the home improvement solution you get will be practical and efficient for your property.

Our conservatories are available in all of the most popular styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Lean-To and P-Shaped conservatories, so you are guaranteed on finding one that best compliments your home in Welwyn Garden City.

Conservatories Prices, Welwyn Garden City and the Surrounding Areas

Take a look around our conservatory designs from the comfort of your chair with our brand new, state of the art Virtual Reality Tour, that allows you to get the feel of the range of conservatory styles that we offer you.

If you want to know any more information about conservatories and our installation work, please feel free to call or email us today, or use our fast and easy-to-use conservatory design tool.

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