Elegant and Charming Timber Alternative Windows for Homes in Ware

Timber alternative windows are a modern solution for any Ware home. If you have an older home or a cottage, then you might have gorgeous wooden windows. However, windows that use timber in their design often wear down and lose their beautiful look.

That can not only mean you have to repaint and revarnish the windows regularly, but the frame can crack and leave gaps for cold air to enter your home.

Instead, you can invest in alternative designs that recreate timber, but without the drawbacks. At Hertford Glass, we offer windows with uPVC frames and with traditional joinery methods. As a result, you’ll get a window that preserves your home’s character.

Because of this, your windows won’t wear down in wind or rain, they won’t crack, and they’ll offer your home more insulation, meaning you could save money on household bills.

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Introducing our Versatile Timber Alternative Windows Collection

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With Rebated Sash

Rebated sash windows are an elegant option for any home. These designs have outstanding period quality, thanks to the bevelled putty lines. These intricate details add even more style to these windows, and they evoke classic window designs.

Not only that, but you’ll get a sculptured frame from ovolo. These designs combine leading performance with a charming design for a window that stands out anywhere.

With Flush Sash

Alternatively, you can choose flush sash timber alternative windows for your Ware home. Unlike the rebated option, they sit flush within the frame. That means there are smaller gaps so that you’ll lose less heat through the window. Not only that, but you’ll get a sleek design that’s closer to wooden options.

You can also complete the look of your installation with an ovolo sculptured frame or even Georgian bars. Flush sash windows are ideal for cottages and homes in conservation areas too.

With Traditional Joinery

All of our timber alternative windows use traditional joinery. Because of this, you’ll get the classic design that makes good on your investment. However, you’ll be able to combine these old-school touches with advanced technology.

You’ll have double glazing and a woodgrain finish that’s 70mm deep. As a result, you’ll have glass that can insulate and protect your home from the cold, and an authentic look that fits in with traditional and modern homes alike.


Timber alternative windows solve the issue that's plagued wooden designs for years: the weather. With a uPVC frame, wind and rain won't crack the window, meaning it'll last much longer.
When you fit timber alternative windows into your Ware home, they'll perform on their own. That's because you don't have to repaint or revarnish them, saving you time and hassle.
No matter the look you'd like to achieve in your home, timber alternative windows let you find it. These designs are the perfect blend of old and new, suiting any space seamlessly.
Timber alternative windows are far more secure than their older counterparts. Your new window will have a durable uPVC frame, multi-point locking systems and durable handles to keep you safe.
Wooden windows could lose up to 10% of the energy inside your home. With timber alternatives, you can capture this heat and store it in your home, keeping you warm and saving you money.
When you invest in timber alternative windows for your Ware home with Hertford Glass, you'll have your investment covered. Our partner manufacturers offer full warranties.

Timber Alternative Windows: The Secure Choice

With timber alternative windows, you can make security your top priority. We know how crucial it is to feel safe inside your home. That’s why we work with leading suppliers to make sure our windows use top security hardware in every aspect of their design.

All of our timber alternative windows have a multi-point locking system. That means intruders won’t be able to separate your double glazing from the uPVC frame, stopping your window from being an easy target.

Viable Exit
If you ever need to escape your home, these modern designs help you do that too. You’ll get a 90-degree opening angle, which means you’ll get a wide opening in case of fire. That way, you’ll be safer for every scenario.

Easy to Clean
Your windows will have a fluid operating mechanism too. Because of this, you can clean these windows with ease as you can tilt them towards you. You won’t need to clean them often either, and without needing to paint or varnish the window.

Choosing Hertford Glass to Install Your Timber Alternative Windows

Hertford Glass is the ideal choice for timber alternative windows in Ware and Hertfordshire. Not only do we supply quality products, but we can install them too! We’re a local company who’ll fit new timber alternative windows with the care and courtesy your Ware home deserves.

Our team will thoroughly test each component of the window before they install them, and our installations have approval from GGF, FENSA and Which?.

Timber Alternative Windows Prices Ware

Find lower prices for timber alternative windows in Ware with Hertford Glass! Get in touch with us today by either calling us on 01992 582 351 or sending us a message using our online form. Our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can with more information.

Also, you can design the timber alternative windows of your dreams in minutes using our online design tool! Choose each element of the design and customise it to suit your needs. Then, we’ll give you an instant guideline quote.

We look forward to helping you install new timber alternative windows!

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