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Replacement Conservatory Roofs in Your Welwyn Garden City Home

There is often no need to tear down an entire conservatory, our roof conversions could save your structure. Get in touch today for more information on our replacement conservatory roofs for your home in Welwyn Garden City.

If you have a feeling that your conservatory roof needs replacing due to your structure feeling damp or even the wrong temperature; then you should call us here at Hertford Glass! We can come out to your property and complete some initial assessments to see whether you could benefit from one of our outstanding replacement conservatory roofs.

We have many options available for conservatory roofs, with glass, tiled and solid roof options which are much more desirable than older materials. Find out the benefits of each material below.

Glass Roofs – Our modern glass roofs provide outstanding performance to keep your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our glass roofs have been designed to reflect the sun, and even have self-cleaning glass for your convenience.

Tiled Roofs – This option is one of our most common replacement conservatory roofs, as you can emulate classic style with ease. These roofs are robust and durable, extending the life of your conservatory in Welwyn Garden City.

Solid Roofs – You can create the feeling of another room with our solid roofs here at Hertford Glass. You can really upgrade your home with this option by soundproofing your structure, you can even opt for speakers and skylights to give it something special. Browse our replacement conservatory roofs and find the right one for you.

Prolong the lifespan of your structure in Welwyn Garden City with our innovative and high-quality conservatory roofs. It has never been easier to start your project than with us here at Hertford Glass.

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Roof Conversions: Your Options When You Choose Hertford Glass

We are leading manufacturers in our field and can guarantee the highest quality conservatory roofs in Welwyn Garden City. Upgrade your home and prolong the lifespan of your structure with our replacement conservatory roofs. Get in touch today.

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Livinroof Replacement Roof

Why choose between a solid and glazed system when you can have both? The Livinroof is a hybrid conservatory roof, and you can have glazing of any shape built-in within your structure. Have complete control over where the stunning natural light falls into your room, and really take control of your living space. Our replacement conservatory roofs are the ideal solution for your home, and you can even opt to have speakers and lighting installed, among other features! Choose the perfect doors for your new structure to create a living space that you love.

With this stunning roof conversion:

  • Choose from a range of building styles, including Victorian, Lean-To and P-shape
  • Design a roof of any shape, giving you complete control over the style
  • Renovate your roofline with a stunning decorative cornice

Ultraroof Replacement Roof

If you are looking at our replacement conservatory roofs, then you should consider our Ultraroof option. The Ultraroof combines tiling and glazing, which can be installed in a full-length format, and you can incorporate Velux windows into your design to create a different look entirely. The choice is yours.

Create a sense of space with our innovative solutions. As with the Livinroof, a vaulted and internally plastered ceiling will help your extension feel like a natural extension of your property. You can also choose a decorative cornice to complete the outside – get the perfect roof for your home with our selection.

Roof conversions that use the Ultraroof:

  • Choose from a range of building styles, including Victorian, Lean-To and P-shape
  • Create a roof of any shape, giving you complete control over the design
  • Renovate your roofline with a stunning decorative cornice

If you would like more information on the styles that are available to you, then you should try our innovative design tool.

replace polycarbonate roof with glass Welwyn Garden City


Find inspiration for your roof conversion by viewing our gallery


Four cornices are available to help you renovate your roofline by hiding the guttering
A central lighting panel can be fitted, which can include lighting and speakers to give you a bespoke solution
Traditional and contemporary designs can easily be achieved to meet your needs, depending on the aesthetic of your home

conservatory roofing options Welwyn Garden City

Roof Conversions Prices, Welwyn Garden City

If you would like to find out more about our stunning and high-performing range of replacement conservatory roofs, then please call us directly on 01992 582 351 or send us a message.

We have a free design tool available if you would like to start exploring your options. We also offer other services too, including general glass and supply, roofline, secondary glazing and flat roofing. Whatever the needs of your home improvement project, we have the tools to help you.

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