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Adorn Your Home Extension in Ware with Exquisite Conservatory Roofs

While adding a conservatory to your home in Ware gives you extra space you can enjoy, our conservatory roofs will help you make that space comfortable as well as attractive. We bring you high-performing extensions roofs from market-leading name Ultraframe so that you can be sure about the integrity and durability of these roofs.

Whether you’re looking for new roofs for a new extension or replacement conservatory roofs for an old one, our Ultraframe roofs will be a perfect fit. They will help improve the thermal performance, security, as well as the overall look of your conservatory.

You don’t even have to compromise on the visual features of your roof. The amount of choice you get will allow you to design a custom conservatory roof tailored especially to your needs. We offer a selection of glass, tiled, and solid conservatory roofs. This choice gives you greater freedom in determining how your conservatory roof looks and performs.

Our solid conservatory roofs are a brilliant way to make your extension seem more like a built-up room than a conservatory. These roofs provide excellent insulation and security, along with a sense of privacy. Additionally, we can also fit in skylights, light fittings, as well as speakers into these gorgeous roofs. As a result, these stunning replacement roofs feel more like an integral part than a home extension of your Ware property.

With our tiled conservatory roofs, you can maintain the look of your Ware home, while giving your glazed extension a well-insulated and stylish roof. Since these can be quite light in weight, they also make excellent replacement conservatory roofs.

With our glass conservatory roofs, you can get a thermally secure room that gets an exceptional amount of sunlight. Unlike polycarbonate roofs, these replacement roofs will last longer and give you better features. You will especially love the quietness which will be a stark contrast to the noisy polycarbonate roofs.

Whichever conservatory roof you choose, you can be sure that you will get the best possible product for your needs from Hertford Glass.

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Choose Your Conservatory Roof Style with Hertford Glass

One of the main benefits of getting your conservatory roofs from Hertford Glass is that we work only with the best manufacturer of conservatory roofs. With our Ultraframe roofs, you know you will get great performance that will be consistent for years and a beautiful style.

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Livinroof Conservatory Roof

If you are not sure whether you want a solid roof or a glass roof, why not consider our Livinroof conservatory roofs. These roofs give you the freedom to combine the two roofing systems to look and perform the way you want. You can decide how much glass you want and exactly where you want it. This allows you to spotlight areas in your conservatory, as well as control the amount of natural light you get. These conservatory roofs give you incredible insulation, keeping your room warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. The internal plastered ceiling helps you create a sense of space inside your room with its vaulted style. This ceiling can also have lights, speakers, and more installed in them. This allows you to customise your conservatory or orangery to serve the purpose you intend for it. What’s more, you can even choose the roof design from our selection of Victorian, Lean-To, and P-shaped conservatory roofs. We even offer a decorative cornice to give your property a clean outer appearance.

Ultraroof Conservatory Roof

With the Ultraroof conservatory roofs, you can combine a tiled roof system with a glazed one. Combine these beautiful lightweight roofs with Velux windows and you can create a stunningly original style for your Ware home. What’s more, these roofs also offer a high vaulted ceiling that is internally plastered to make your glazed extension feel more like a part of your home. As with the Livinroof conservatory roofs, you can choose between different roof styles – Victorian, Lean-to, and P-shaped. The decorative cornice we offer will help your home and conservatory look striking from the outside as well as the inside.

Glass Conservatory Roofs, Ware


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Durable roofs that offer insulation as well as privacy, making your extension a comfortable place.
Choice of material, like solid roofs, so you can customise your conservatory roof to your needs and taste
A comprehensive selection of conservatory roof designs, so you can get the right look for your home.

Solid Conservatory Roofs, Ware

Conservatory Roof Prices, Ware

Find out your personalised conservatory roof prices in Ware by using our free online design tool. Simply enter your specifications and it will calculate your conservatory roof costs. You can even generate multiple quotes using different specifications to get the right replacement roof at the right price.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01992 582 351 to discuss your needs. We will be happy to answer all your questions and give you advice on how to design the best conservatory roof for your Ware home. You can also message us and we’ll get back to you. You can get all the information you need about our products as well as your bespoke conservatory roof prices.

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