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When Welwyn St Mary’s Primary School got in touch with Hertford Glass to undertake a project that included replacing 26 windows, we gladly accepted the project and completed it within 4 days with 5 of our expert fitters on hand for the entire process. This project was the third stage we have completed for the school, with work carried out on other classrooms and corridors previously.

The customer was so pleased that we have now been hired to carry out further refurbishments which includes a garden room.

When it comes to carrying out work for a community building such as a school, there are a number of things to take into consideration such as the aim and needs of the people that use the building. A school needs to have the welfare of its students and staff at heart, so when you are looking at adding double glazing solutions it’s important that they are up to the job.

Double glazing needs to keep a school warm and dry, keep a consistent temperature for comfort and provide a layer of safety and security at all times.

We cover Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas, providing a range of services and products to homeowners as well as commercial businesses for their refurbishment and home improvement needs.

The Benefits of uPVC Casement Windows

When installing uPVC casement windows into a property, you are going to enjoy a long list of features and benefits. These include:

  • Thermal Efficiency
  • A Choice of Designs
  • Outstanding Security
  • Incredible Strength
  • Understated Design

Because we work with a range of industry manufacturers, we have a full range of sizes and styles available when it comes to windows. No matter what your design objectives are, you’ll be able to achieve them with us.

For Welwyn School, we needed classic style windows that looks good and were high performance too. The end result is a sleek and tidy look and adds to the aesthetic of the building.

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Double Glazing for Schools and Commercial Buildings

Hertford Glass are experienced in providing quality double glazing and refurbishment work to schools and commercial premises in Welwyn Garden City. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this industry, we’re able to advise on the best solution and recommend the best products for an excellent result.

We know how important it is to get the right windows and doors for a school property to make sure that the building is a safe, warm and comfortable environment for students and teachers alike. We know that safety is a priority as well as insulation and sound reduction.

At Hertford Glass, we can help to create a safe and peaceful environment for any school that needs improvements.

Benefits to Double Glazing for Schools

  • Energy Efficiency – This school in Welwyn now has windows that will trap warm air inside the building rather than letting it escape into the atmosphere. In the colder months, this is particularly beneficial, maintaining a regulated and comfortable atmosphere for students and teachers. In the warmer months, our windows are easy to operate and open for increased ventilation.


  • Safety and Security – Our double glazing products enhance the security and safety of the school with tough and robust profiles combined with excellent and durable glazing. The school is more prepared with security in terms of break-ins, theft and vandalism.


  • Sound Reduction – Our double glazing can reduce the amount of sound that emits from the school and that penetrates into the building, meaning that there is less distraction and less noise overall. This creates a positive learning environment and can minimise road noise and other distractions.


  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective – These windows are also helping the school contribute to a greener environment, keeping carbon emissions down and reducing the carbon footprint of the property. This also reduces the cost of heating and other energy costs which is a great help.

double glazed windows Welwyn


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Double Glazing in Welwyn Garden City

Our commercial double glazing services offer a comprehensive service so that whether you need windows, doors, conservatories, secondary glazing or another service entirely, we can help. All of our products suit both residential and commercial projects, with a scope of styles, sizes and ranges for you to choose from for the perfect finish.

We cover a wide geographical area and our products have been carefully sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure quality. The Hertford Glass team will help you with all aspects of the design, so that your product is tailored to suit your specifications and adds market-appeal. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements

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