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We helped this homeowner in Benego, Hertford to realise their double glazing dreams through this quality installation. If we’ve carried out a project at your home, get in touch today! We love hearing client feedback and we think it is important to make sure that the customer comes first. Double glazing projects in your home are a personal thing that is down to the homeowner’s individual taste and the design is subjective. That’s why we install a range of double glazing products that can be tailored and customised to your exact needs, no matter what type of property you own.

For this client, we transformed their Hertford home by installing some of our quality double glazing products. We replaced a timer sliding sash window with one of our modern uPVC profile sliding sash windows in Anthracite grey, a rooflight to allow more light into the property and a uPVC bi-fold door.

The result of this installation is a stunning and sophisticated finish that will bring the house into the modern era and make it stand out from the rest of the street. makes the house stand out from the rest of the street. With the tailored windows and beautiful colour finish, this house now stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood with a unique aesthetic.

We know it is important that your new double glazing products not only look good but deliver on all fronts in terms of performance and durability too.


Sliding Sash Windows, Bi-Fold Doors & Flat Skylights

Through installing our range of sliding sash windows, bi-fold doors and flat skylights into this Hertford home, the homeowners will immediately notice the following benefits:

  • A Long-Lasting Product
  • More Secure
  • A Warmer Home
  • Lighter Room with More Space
  • Durable Designs

Through working with a range of industry manufacturers, we have a full range of sizes and styles available when it comes to windows and doors. No matter what your design objectives are, you’ll be able to achieve them with us.

For this property in Hertford, we were looking to replace the existing sliding sash window with a product that not only brought the home into the modern era but incorporated the client’s individual tastes.

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Bringing Your Home into the 21st Century

Through our installation, we have brought this Hertford house into the 21st century with our modern materials and engineering. The timber sash window was starting to show its age, starting to crack and rot. The new Anthracite grey uPVC sliding sash window won’t be blighted with these problems, instead providing these homeowners with years of low-maintenance service. In choosing Anthracite grey, the client has been able to make their home stand out, looking both stylish and sophisticated.

Our bi-fold doors will allow this client to connect the kitchen to their garden in a matter of seconds. With the client able to literally open the wall out onto the garden, they can benefit from excellent views of their garden, better ventilation and match the colour to their windows. Although this client chose a configuration of 3, they had a range of options to choose from.

The rooflight installed within this home’s kitchen will provide more light to this home and create a visually spectacular space. The home will benefit now from a warmer home, with the heat from the rooflight and the bi-fold doors heating the kitchen naturally. In the long-term, the client may notice they don’t need to heat their Hertford hope as often, saving them money on their central heating.

Due to the homes on this street looking the same, with standardised windows, doors and other aesthetic similarities this client has made their home stand out. This has been achieved with some excellent choices of matching windows and doors that look stylish and sophisticated.

As well as providing the home with a cost-effective double glazing installation, the look and feel of the property has been increased and now has added kerb appeal.

This is especially beneficial to the client when and if they put their home on the market as the property stands out from other properties in the neighbourhood and will have the attention of prospective buyers.

The Benefits of Sliding Sash Windows, Bi-Fold Doors and Rooflights

There are a number of benefits that this Hertford home’s new sliding sash windows, rooflight and uVC Bi-Fold door will bring. This property will now benefit from:

  • Increased Thermal Efficiency This home in Hertford will now benefit from a home that will be heated more naturally. The large glazing areas of the bi-fold doors and the added light from the sliding sash windows and rooflight will help to heat the property in a more natural way. The products will successfully trap warm air inside the home, keeping the inside a comfortable and warm environment. In the winter, this home will remain at a comfortable temperature and won’t be blighted with draughts, water ingress or leaks as the traditional timber sliding sash window may have allowed. These double glazing products have been manufactured to combat these problems and keep your home warm and dry.


  • Better Security Our double glazing products will enhance the security of this Hertford property. They have been manufactured using robust and resilient profiles that have been created with modern burglary techniques in mind. These products will deter break-ins and will withstand the changeable Hertford weather. The glazing itself is of high-quality and comes in a range of styles and strengths.


  • Low Maintenace Solutions Unlike the former timber sliding sash window our new one has replaced, this Hertford homeowner won’t have to worry about constantly tending to their products. We have manufactured our sliding sash windows and bi-fold doors with uPVC, a low-maintenance material. Our uPVC won’t warp, bow, crack, rot or twist out of shape, requiring just the occasional wipe down from the homeowner. The same can be said of our rooflight, which will provide at least 10-years of quality service to this homeowner.

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Double Glazing in Benego, Hertford

We offer a large range of residential services that include windows, doors, conservatories, window repair, secondary glazing, roofline products and more. We can help transform or enhance the look of your home so that it looks good and performs exceptionally well.

We cover a wide geographical area and our products have been carefully sourced from leading manufacturers to ensure quality. The Hertford Glass team will help you with all aspects of the design, so that your product is tailored to suit your specifications and adds market-appeal.

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