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We were tasked with helping this homeowner find their dream double glazing windows for their property in Hertford with our quality installation service. To us, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we love hearing from previous clients about the work we’ve done and what you think of it; so, if you we’ve installed a project in your home, feel free to get in touch with us today!

Your home is naturally very important to you, as is its appearance and overall quality, which is why we make sure that every individual installation we perform is perfectly suited to the customers taste and sense of style. You are in complete control over to appearance of your windows, from first step to last.

For this particular client, we helped them to transform their Hertford property simply by installing some brand new, R9 windows, replacing the old, worn frames with ornately detailed units that perfectly mimic traditional timber frames. They have been specially designed to replicate 19th century timber frames, with uPVC that is almost identical to real timber but for a fraction of the price and without the additional upkeep that they require.

The R9 windows are the top of their range in the Residence Collection, with nine chambers in the frames (rather than the 5-7 chambers that typical modern uPVC frames have) which help keep the heat inside your home, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. They are also available to have steel reinforcements to improve the strength of the windows and can be fitted in many conservation areas and listed properties throughout the UK.

This installation work gave the property a traditional yet sophisticated appearance that perfectly matched its pre-existing features, yet also helped it to stand out among the other houses in the street. All our windows are freely customizable with many different options, including colours and additional features, so they can be perfectly matched to whatever features and finishes your property already has.

The price of a double glazing product is naturally very important to you, but so is the knowledge of its safety, durability and overall performance.

Residence 9 Windows

Upon our installations completion, the following features caught the eye of the homeowners:

  • A Warmer House
  • Hightened Security
  • Ornate Detailing
  • Durability
  • Traditional Yet Stunning Designs

With R9 windows, a dual decoration option is available, allowing for your window to have colours that compliment your property both on the outside and on the inside. For example, if the room you are having fitted would better suit traditional white uPVC, but the outside of the property needs a more wood-like appearance, then you can easily have the outside of the windows come in a wood-style colour whilst keeping the more modern white appearance on the inside of the room.

The R9 frames also come with authentical windowsill detailing, adding to the 19th century aesthetic that makes it such a desirable commodity.

No matter what you want your windows to look like, we here at Hertford Glass are rest assured to get you the best quality available, through working with a number of reputable and experienced industry professionals in manufacturing; who offer a wide range of styles and sizes for both windows and doors.

For this particular Hertford property, the homeowner wanted us to provide them with windows that suited to their home’s pre-existing traditional appearance, whilst also providing security and superior insulation to their home.

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Bringing the 19th Century into the 21st Century

Timber frames are very desirable when it come to their appearance, but unfortunately they aren’t as attractive a prospect when it comes to their additional upkeep. Because of their natural materials, they are very easily affected by natural wear-and-tear, needing varnishing, sanding and repainting every few years to keep the paint from flaking and keep their brand-new appearance. Also, over the years you may notice that the timber frames can suffer from cracks and rot, due to heavy weather conditions.

However, with R9 windows this is not an issue. Made from uPVC, you may think their appearance would clash with your property, but they have been given the appearance that is almost indistinguishable from real wood grain; allowing you to have all of the benefits of traditional wooden windows, whilst benefiting from the durability of uPVC.

With white uPVC being the norm for many properties across the UK, having a window that in all appearances appears to be timber is a sure-fire way of making your property stand out and be more desirable to potentially future property buyers, should you ever decide to sell. However, even if you are planning on staying for a long time yet, these windows are sure to see you through for a long time coming.

The Benefits of Residence 9 Windows

So, that being said, what are the overall benefits of having a Residence 9 window installed on your property? Well, if you do decide to have some fitted, then you will find that you are benefitting from:

  • Improved Thermal Barrier – Because of their superior uPVC materials, R9 Windows are perfectly designed to keep out the cold and prevent any of the warmth from your heating to escape. With double glazing, as well as the nine chambers within its frames that gives it its names, Residence 9 Windows can lower both your heating bills and your carbon emissions.


  • Superior Security – Whilst uPVC is already a sturdy and hard-wearing material for windows, improving security from traditional windows, R9 windows have the added bonus of optional steel reinforcements and a 100mm think profile. These windows provide that added peace of mind and sense of safety to your property, keeping you, your family and your property safe.


  • Little to No Maintenance  As mentioned above, timber frames may be aesthetically very fashionable, but their upkeep can cost you a lot more than you were planning on; including varnishing, repainting and even replacing once the frames have succumbed to rot or outward damage. However, R9’s wood-like uPVC does not suffer from this and can in fact last for as long as typical uPVC with very minimal attention.

R9 windows Hertford


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R9 windows Hertford

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