Residence 9 Windows and Doors Dane End, Hertfordshire

These homeowners in Dane End, Hertfordshire have kept the traditional look of their cottage with the added benefit of modern materials. Our range of double glazing can be tailored to the individual taste and style of our customers. Whether your property is a cottage, a heritage build, a modern home or something more contemporary, we can find a double glazing solution to suit you.

We installed our Residence 9 flush windows, a Residence 9 composite front door and a couple of our French doors at this cottage in Hertfordshire. Despite their traditional look, these products can be tailored to your exact needs, no matter the type of property you own.

The result of this installation is a stunning and sophisticated finish that will continue to give this cottage character and make it stand out. This homeowner has opted for a matching colour scheme for their products so that they stand out from the rest of the houses nearby with a unique aesthetic.

Home improvements are important and need to look the part as well as delivering on all fronts in terms of performance and durability.


Residence 9 Windows and Doors, Hertfordshire

When installing Residence 9 windows and doors into this Dane End cottage, the homeowner will immediately benefit from:

  • A U-value as low as 0.8 if they choose triple glazing or 1.2 if they choose double glazing, which exceeds Building Regulation recommendations
  • A Customisable Design
  • Better Security
  • Lasting-Quality
  • Durability

Because we work with a range of industry manufacturers, we have a full range of sizes and styles. No matter what your design objectives are, we can help you to meet them.

For this property in Dane End, we appreciated that keeping the traditional look of the cottage was key, as well as incorporating the client’s individual tastes.

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Impressing Your Visitors

With many homes looking similar with standardised windows, doors and other aesthetic similarities, this client has opted to keep a traditional look for their Hertfordshire cottage. We have achieved this with our Residence 9 collection, with the flush windows, French doors and composite doors looking traditional and sophisticated. Each window in the Residence Collection is hand-finished in line with the customer’s requirements, so the attention to detail in the window of this house is incredible.

The Residence Collection spans three different styles, each of which can be tailored to a specific application. They are traditional, heritage and modern, with each one coming with a unique set of benefits.

As well as providing the cottage with a cost-effective double glazing installation, the value and performance of the property has increased.

This is beneficial to the customer should they wish to put their home on the market, as this cottage stands out from other properties in the neighbourhood and its character will attract the attention of prospective buyers.

The Benefits of the Residence Collection

There are several benefits that these Residence 9 windows and doors have brought to the clients other than looking traditional and being visually pleasing. The property will now benefit from:

  • Improved Thermal Efficiency This Dane End cottage will now benefit from a warmer, more comfortable home. Their previous windows would have required the homeowner to pump more central heating in their home to keep it at a warm temperature. Now the cottage will remain at a comfortable temperature, even in the coldest of winters. This cottage won’t suffer from draughts, water ingress or leaks as the double glazing and frames will combat these issues, keeping this cottage warm and dry.


  • Long-Lasting Unlike the traditional timber windows of old which were known to bend, warp, bow, crack and flake, this cottage won’t be blighted with any of these problems. All this window will require is the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep its good-as-new look.


  • A Safer Home Unlike the timber doors and windows of old, our Residence Collection has been made to the highest security standards. Our glass has been bonded to the sash and with the bead on the inside, contributing to the high-security performance of this window. The glass bonding significantly improves the overall strength of the product, with potential burglars unable to remove the glass from outside the cottage. Together with intelligent design details and screw retention reinforcements, locks and hinges, these doors and windows are secured firmly in position.

R9 flush casment windows Hertfordshire


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