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Make The Space You Need In Your Ware Home: Choose Hertford Glass As Your Local Installer

If you’ve been thinking of moving away from your home, then extensions could be what stops you leaving Cheshunt. With a quality home extension from Hertford Glass, you won’t have to move somewhere else to find the space you need. Instead, you can build it right where you are. And, with Ultraframe‘s quality designs and range of customisable options, it’ll be bespoke to you.

Home extensions are the ideal way to expand your living space. They’re versatile, functional and have brilliant performance too. Because of this, you can use one of these rooms for any purpose without it being too hot or cold. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills and on moving house with a brand-new home extension.

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House Extensions: Features and Benefits

With Hertford Glass, you can get home extensions that add quality to any home in Cheshunt. We’ve partnered with Ultraframe, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, to offer stunning rooms that are fully customisable for your home. They come in a wide range of collections, too, helping you set a new style for your living space.

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Create the Space You Need

Moving can be stressful. Not only do you have to find a new home, but you have to go through the hassle of leaving your old one. And, when you get your new living space, you may have to compromise on certain things you’ve always wanted, depending on your budget. But, with home extensions from Hertford Glass, you’ll get the brand-new room of your dreams without having to leave your current home.

You can design a kitchen-diner, home office, lounge area or reading room that suits your home perfectly in minutes when you work with us. Not only that, but our installation team provide a made-to-measure fit, help with planning permission, and offer short wait times for your new space.

Livinroof Extensions

What makes our home extensions stand out in Cheshunt and Hertfordshire is the designs we offer. They come from Ultraframe, taking full advantage of their innovative features. For example, you could invest in an extension from their Livinroof range. The Livinroof is a stunning solid roof that is similar to roofs in your home for both looks and performance.

Because of this, you can make your extension feel like a more natural part of your living space. And, if you’d like to feel closer to nature, the Livinroof also has partial double glazing which you can place anywhere in its design. As a result, your new space can open your Cheshunt home up to nature, but without exposing you to cold conditions.

Ultraroof Extensions

Alternatively, you could choose Ultraroof home extensions for your Cheshunt home. These designs use a similar roof system to the Livinroof range but have some differences to bring nature closer to your home. One major one is the option of full-height glazing. As a result, you could add a sleek, modern space that lets natural light flood inside.

However, you don’t have to choose full glazing if you don’t want to. If you’d like more privacy while still getting plenty of light, we offer Velux windows as a customisable option. Not only that, but you could blend the modern with the traditional by installing a tiled conservatory roof! With unique colours and finishes available for every tile, it’s sure to stand out anywhere.

Performance Glass Extensions

Performance glass extensions do exactly what their name suggests. These home extensions can enhance the performance of your Cheshunt home in several ways. For a start, they use advanced double glazing across their design. That includes the roof, which offers stunning natural light and warmth without exposing your extension to the greenhouse effect.
You’ll also be able to improve your insulation with the option of super-insulating columns, or more traditional brick piers for a classic look. Either way, a build like this can improve your home’s heat retention. That way, you can cut the cost of your energy bills for years to come, in an extension that lasts for decades.

Double Storey Extension Cheshunt


Create a new bedroom, study area or dining room
Stunning designs created to suit your home in Ware
Extensions built to meet planning and building regulations
Outstanding thermal performance and dependable security
All work completed on time and within the budget we agreed
Prefabricated systems built to minimise time spent at your home

Extension Costs Cheshunt

Building Regulations

One thing that stops people building home extensions for their Cheshunt property is the regulations that go around them. Planning permissions, technical surveys – all of them can be tricky. However, Hertford Glass’s friendly, expert team take you through the entire process. That way, you’ll get a new extension in Hertfordshire with more help and less hassle.

Our Experience

With Hertford Glass, you’ll be choosing an experienced local installer for your new space. We’re fully qualified to install Ultraframe’s extension designs, members of the GGF, and accredited by FENSA. When you choose home extensions from us, you’ll get a quick and personalised installation for your Cheshunt home without stress.

Home Extensions in Cheshunt and the Surrounding Areas

There are loads of ways to find out how much you could save on home extensions in Cheshunt with Hertford Glass!

You can take our Virtual Reality Tour to explore Ultraframe’s extensions without leaving your home.

Alternatively, you can call or email us today to ask us any questions, or get a guideline quote by phone!

And, with our free design tool, you can create a unique extension and get an accurate price for the design in seconds.

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